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E-commerce businesses scale when they keep to 2 key elements of a successful
e-commerce operation - online store optimisation and scalable digital marketing.

Some Of Our Clients
Experiencing Some of the Below?
Store Issues
  • Your e-commerce platform gives you more issues than solutions
  • Your Shopify theme is not living up to your vision
  • You’re overwhelmed with operations & want to automate some of the processes
  • Your web developer lacks an understanding of your business and marketing requirements
Growth Issues
  • You’re paying way too much for Facebook & Google Ads and still failing to see a profitable return
  • Your sales are slowing after a good initial burst
  • Your business is experiencing growing pains and your digital and e-Commerce growth needs help
  • The agency/freelancer you hired isn’t giving you results and you have no visibility into what they are doing for your accounts
Key Solutions
Maximise Your Profit from Facebook,
Instagram and Google advertising platforms

Running pay-per-click (PPC) ads for an e-commerce website is very different from getting leads from a single landing page. Your store can have anywhere from 10 SKUs to ten thousands of SKUs - we’ve seen it all.

After managing tens of millions of dollars of Ad Spend on e-commerce PPC accounts, we’ve designed a methodology that delivers instant results from Week One:

  • Our Attraction Method
  • Ads Built for Machine Learning
  • Programmatic Google Shopping Management
  • Bag Of Words Tool

Typically, our clients see a 170-200% improvement in ad return on investment (ROI) within the first 3 months through our powerful ad strategies and expert optimisation of the accounts. View some the results here

Is your paid advertising working to its fullest potential? Ask us how we can revamp your pay-per-click accounts AND 2X your ROI in 3 months or less.

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WDM Team
Expertly Designed E-Commerce Storefronts Built to Scale

Shopify has become the #1 E-commerce platform in the world. Due to its all-in-one cloud solution and user-friendly interface, it’s become the “Apple” of e-commerce platforms, providing shopping experiences that are intuitive and magical - it just works.

By working with a Shopify Certified Partner, you can be assured to receive a best-in-class Shopify store designed to scale with your business.

Shopify Plus
Shopify Plus
Seamless Platform Migration to Shopify
Seamless Platform Migration to Shopify
Best practice Graph
Best Practice User Experience based on 40,000 hours of research
Built for E-commerce SEO
The Science Behind the
Service - Measured Outcomes For Your Business

World-class athletes are relentlessly finding ways to optimise their performance. Shouldn’t you be doing the same with your business? can’t get results if you don’t know what you’re measuring.

Using data analysis, a scientific approach and purposeful strategy, we’ll constantly double down on what works and eliminate what doesn’t. As part of our retainer, you will receive Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) & A/B Testing services as well as a custom built KPI Funnel Measurement dashboard.

It’s time to create leverages and elevate your funnel to stop potential sales from slipping through your fingers

Why are your store visitors browsing but not buying? We`ll fix the problem & turbo-charge your e-commerce funnel.

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The Science Behind the service
The Science Behind the service
Nervous about making the jump? Don’t worry. We’ll provide the safety net

With your first foray into digital advertising, we offer a proof of concept digital marketing campaign without lock in contracts, to give you the confidence in investing in marketing for growth.

We start by testing your product-market fit. With these learnings, we get data that informs the further strategy for sustained results - scaling up your business like never before.

Want a flexible option that reduces your risk and maximises your ROI? Hack your e-commerce business growth today.

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Your Customers Are On the Move - Are You?

Responsive design is outdated.

As of 2016, mobile traffic to websites overtook desktop users for the first time. Most websites are still designed first for desktop and then adapted to mobile - but it’s clear how this should be the other way around.

We create Mobile First solutions for you from the get-go to help you engage and capture more mobile sales right away.

Poor mobile conversion rate? Ask how we can boost your mobile site sales today.

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Automation Solutions For More Freedom & Scalability

We get it. Things can get pretty overwhelming and frustrating in the day to day life of a business owner.

With solutions from mobile apps, fully automated systems, platform integrations, and SaaS platforms - you’ll see how automating processes beyond your marketing & store functions will simplify and accelerate growth.

Reduce headcount, improve accuracy, and banish the slog of admin and paperwork. Let’s turn your operations into a well-oiled, self-sufficient machine so you can be free to make more impactful moves and focus on what you do best.

Read: How we developed a revolutionary system for a hard waste collection startup to automate their business

Want your business to run on auto-pilot?

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We Partner With Growth Minded E-commerce Businesses

We believe in balancing details with the big picture.

Having worked with ambitious e-commerce businesses ranging from startups to 6,7,8 and 9-figure behemoths (case studies), we found that if you have a growth mindset, our strategies and technology solutions have been carefully refined to help your business break through to exponential growth.

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