Company Profile
What We Offer
WDM is focused on helping e-commerce retailers grow by providing:
  • An online store that converts visits into sales & delights customers
  • Digital marketing strategies that are scalable while staying profitable
  • Automated processes for seamless customer experience & reduce ongoing costs

Formerly a do-it-all digital and web design agency, we found our core competency to be around our ability to work with complex web development projects and scaling up performance media (pay per click) accounts. This was evidenced by the dramatic results we achieved for our clients, in particular those with online stores where we could directly attribute dollars to our effort.

The current “WDM 2.0” version of the agency is born out of focusing our efforts to help the e-commerce retailer niche through business strategy, expert technical expertise, and measured outcomes.

What we Offer
To Whom

We’ve seen 6 and 7 figure SME’s hit roadblock after roadblock when it comes to maximizing the potential of web-based technologies for their eCommerce growth. Being scrappy entrepreneurs, they tend to have started out establishing their online stores on a budget.

This results in the following common growth pains:

  • Experience constant technical website problems that require web developers on call
  • Owners can’t afford to DIY their store development and online marketing anymore as they need to focus on other areas of the business growth
  • Google/Facebook/IG advertising either unprofitable or hit a wall in terms of scalability
  • Unhappy with current service provider, having initially chosen to work with freelancer/cheap agency
  • Generally overwhelmed with doing everything themselves

We work with clients with growth mindsets who wish that business as usual wasn’t quite so business as usual, and are always looking for ways to propel growth. Online retailers who want traffic acquisition methods that are consistent, predictable and scalable, while retaining customers who enjoy the shopping experience and keep coming back for more.

(P.S. Sounds like you? We’d love to chat. Book in a Strategy Session with us.)

Why We’re Different

We are the only digital agency that works hard to be the best-in-class in delivering the 2 key components of a successful e-commerce business - store optimisation and scalable digital marketing.

More importantly, our agency prides itself on the values we keep for ourselves, which is then reflected in the way we develop our people, service our clients, and the results we drive for them:

Team Work
  • Growth Mindset

    Growth Mindset

    Having a growth mindset is everything. We’re constantly upskilling and learning, and our dedicated team is constantly seeking out ways to self-improve. We thrive when partnering with forward-thinking businesses who share the same drive.

  • Commitment to Results

    Commitment to Results

    No solution? No dice. We reverse-engineer goals to ensure that every measured step we take leads us in the right direction to get businesses the bottom line results.

  • Stay Curious

    Stay Curious

    We’re curious, committed and collaborative. While keeping in tune with our own specialties, we continuously seek out ways to train, develop and apply our skills in broader spectrums for well-rounded work that considers all opportunities and possibilities.

  • Entrepreneurial


    Business-minded, digitally driven with an entrepreneurial spirit, we love creating more value in the market, and scaling up so we can help more people. As such, we also love working with growing businesses who take their vision into reality. We will be your trusted partner on your business journey.

  • Global Culture

    Global Culture

    Diversity is not just an empty workplace slogan here. Besides having a growth mindset, our team is a collective of cohesive, solutions-focused, and gender-diverse individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds so fresh perspectives are always being brought to the table.

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