We Created the UBER of Waste Disposal & Lennox Waste Solutions Went From 0 to 7 Figures in 2 Years

The Challenge

In 2018, Lennox Waste Solutions proposed an idea to revolutionise the way waste disposal was being handled in Melbourne. Being in a relatively traditional industry with highly manual operation processes, Lennox looked to us to develop an innovative, user-friendly system to help make waste disposal processes – from construction materials to general household hard rubbish – as easy as ordering meal delivery.

Approaching Automation

We began by performing a full business analysis to see where potential pain points lay, how components of the business could be automated and to plan the best ways to integrate Lennox’s existing processes into a cohesive and trackable system. By merging our strong concepts of UX/UI design and using API integration to ensure that both old and new systems both ‘spoke’ to each other smoothly, we positioned Lennox to be being the ‘Uber’…but for trash collection.

  • Business Analysis
  • UI/UX Design 
  • PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce
  • API Integration with Xero, Radaro

Completing all of this was by no means a small feat. High levels of customisation and ongoing troubleshooting was required to ensure fail-proof results. Through numerous trials, swift problem-solving and working tirelessly alongside the Lennox team, we soon brought to life a slick, sophisticated and elegantly simplified tracking system that worked seamlessly from depot to delivery. It notified customers via text that a skip bin was on its way for their waste collection. Its journey would then be reflected on a map in real-time – allowing customers ample time to make last minute preparations and to plan ahead before the waste was removed.

How it works

“With the introduction of LWS, the cycle of placing order and fulfilling it has become seamless.” 

LWS Frontend Portal

  • Allows users to easily schedule the delivery of the BIN to any locations.
  • Notifies users by text message when Order is made, Order is on the way.
  • Allows user to track the status of the order in real time.

LWS Backend/DB Portal

  • Admin gets notified for every new order. Via email & Via Text Message
  • Order management: Processing orders and Invoice management. Backend is fully integrated with LWS Accounting software. Creates automated invoice upon successful placement of the order.
  • Allows admin to manage all orders, users and products from one single platform. The system allows admin to perform all of CRUD functionalities. CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE.
  • Cart
  • checkout
  • Quick order
  • Home
  • Product
  • Product Details

Project Summary

All orders will be tracked by a sophisticated scheduling system that will send the customer a text message confirming their order, a text message when their bin leaves our depot with a ‘live’ map of the truck on route to the job address with an ETA for arrival based on real-time traffic conditions. 

The Result

Aside from user ease and accessibility, automating order management processes, order placement recording and invoice creation from a single platform allowed the Lennox team to rapidly grow their fleet and to focus on sales processes and daily operational duties. 

No longer having to deal with paperwork slog and the bulk of administrative work, Lennox doubled their return during the first few months, and went from 0 to a 7 Figure business within 2 years – now that’s exponential growth. 

See opportunities in your industry to shake things up and innovate with tech automation? 

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