Top Reads of the Week

1. Mobile-First Indexing for Search Rankings

Barry Schwart gives an outline of what it could mean for businesses and digital marketing strategy now that Google has started experimenting with mobile-first indexing for search rankings. Bottom line? It’s what everyone’s been saying in the past year: optimize your website content for mobile browsing!

2. Trump the Marketing Master?

It hurts to acknowledge it — but Trump was probably the best candidate at integrating online and offline marketing, whereas Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Bernie Sanders had campaigns that relied on traditional or outdated strategies. Who knew his shouting on Twitter yielded results?

3. The Future of E-Commerce: Social Selling

It’s the rise of native selling. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have been tweaking and optimizing their shopping features – allowing advertisers to engage customers, who can then buy the product on the platform itself by clicking on a “Buy” CTA button.

4. Optimize Your Holiday Campaigns

Kissmetrics brings attention to the importance of customer analytics to maximize profits during your holiday sale. It’s worthwhile to adjust your campaigns in response to concerns directly related to customer behavior during the holiday season — including taking a multi-channel approach, focusing on specific shopping days, and upgrading customer service.

5. The Do’s and Don’ts for an Aesthetically Pleasing Website

SEO and great content aside, a well-designed website can go a long way with leading customers through the purchasing journey to checkout.

Weekend Wind-Down

It’s been a long week – have a cute kitten gif to start off your weekend.

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Top Reads of the Week

1. Analytics Demystified

A step-by-step breakdown of metrics, PIs, and KPIs, and why you should place more thought and analysis for the data you choose to include in final reports. As Jeff Rajeck argues, analysis is often the most important and most overlooked part of analytics reports.

2. The Year of the Supershopper 

An insight into mobile shopping: a large proportion of users use mobile to discover, browse, and research. In short, they keep their options open — and it’s something to consider when adjusting mobile bids and optimising your reach across platforms.

3. Content Marketers Share Their Secrets

Some tips and words of wisdom from top content marketers on staying inspired and creating quality content. What we found most useful?

Chris Ducker:

“If I could go back in time and give my newbie content creator self a bit of advice it would be to repurpose, repurpose, and repurpose. Back when I first started creating content, boy oh boy, was I wasting time. Now almost every piece of content that I create is repurposed in some way, shape, or form.”

4. Forecasting and Trend Data in Google Keywords Planner

A quick run-through of the new forecasting features on Keywords Planner, including forecasted impact of keywords and data for competitive domains.

5. Why Designing for Delight Doesn’t Always Work

Main takeaway: Spend more time understanding what the customer needs. As the author puts in, “If you really want to impress your customers, stop focusing all your energy on delighting them, and consider where your customer is at rather than where you want them to be.”

Weekend Wind-Down

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