Web Design Market is a leading e-commerce development services provider based in Melbourne, whose aim is to present our clients with first-class e-commerce websites both in terms of design and usability. If your business is NOT online or selling online, you are already behind the eight-ball, but that’s ok – there’s some easy wins for you! As most people prefer to shop online, there is a massive increase in the number of e-commerce websites that are popping up and chances are your competitors are already selling online too.

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We understand that an e-commerce site has to stand out from other similar sites and yet provide customers with the basic shopping features in the most comprehensive manner. For this, we have developed our service packages which are completely customisable to your specific needs. As a premier agency in Melbourne, our e-commerce development services include e-commerce design, e-commerce website development, online web solutions, e-commerce web hosting, shopping carts and creating integrated shipping options. We also assist our clients in a number of other areas as well, including customer database management, order management, creating payment gateways and facilitating smooth online payment processing. As we provide our clients with the total package, we serve as the one-stop shop for all e-commerce related needs. So give us a call today for the most comprehensive e-commerce development and web design services including:

  • Checkout and shopping carts – fully customisable shopping carts and checkout
  • Payments – SSL certificates and payment gateways
  • Integration – connect and access your inventory and customer data
  • Order management – view and track your customer order data
  • Customer accounts – manage your customer accounts
  • Direct communications to existing customers – tell them about new products or services using email newsletters
  • Update your online marketing content – stay relevant and up to date

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