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    Migrating platforms can be a big decision. We’re here to make things easy for you, without wreaking havoc to your SEO rankings or losing customer data.

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    WordPress As A Publishing Platform

    Things fall apart as you scale up when your foundations are weak

    WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform in 2003, so anyone could easily publish content online. It grew to become the most popular platform to build full-blown websites because it was “open-source”, which means it was free to use and publicly accessible to be modified. WooCommerce was a plug-in that then enabled e-commerce on these WordPress websites. It’s powerful, but at the end of the day it is an add-on, a band-aid solution of sorts. You don’t want to build your empire on shaky foundations – you’ll need a purpose built e-commerce platform.

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    #1 E-commerce Platform In The World

    With over 1 million Shopify merchants around the world, Shopify has quickly surpassed all competitors to emerge the winner in the e-commerce platform industry.

    Business owners love Shopify. Easy-to-use, and without the headaches of maintenance you’ll get with other platforms. Optimized checkout flow resulting in a higher conversion rate* compared to other platforms. Marketing automation options to easy upsell to customers and nurture repeat purchases. From our experience as an agency working on different platforms over time, we have chosen Shopify to be the best option to meet our client’s needs.

    Source: Little Data – 2.0% Shopify vs 1.7% Magento

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    Why So Many WooCommerce Users Are Moving to Shopify

    • The less time you spend troubleshooting, the more time you’ll have to focus on sales. Unlike WooCommerce, Shopify’s plug-and-play capabilities give you that without the hassle of requiring a WordPress website first.
    • Grow from the get-go! WooCommerce requires installing a combination of apps to get the necessary foundation going, but Shopify’s endless features and apps make optimising your store easy enough right from the start without slowing anything down.
    • The devil’s in the data. Shopify comes with built-in insights that helps you understand your shoppers and visitors and targets them accordingly so every decision you make is informed, analytical and data-driven. For this use, WooCommerce requires a combination of plug-ins for essential customer insights.
    • No security concerns, software updates or constant maintenance required where Shopify is concerned! Woocommerce falls short on this due to its reliance on WordPress, which has been known for its security vulnerabilities and as a store owner, staying on top of security updates will be yet another thing to add to your list of responsibilities.
    • Who has the edge on SEO? Faster loading times and stronger performance puts Shopify on top. Its ready-made SEO friendliness already comes with SSL certificates whereas WooCommerce requires you to make that additional purchase.
    • Want dedicated support? Shopify is your go-to. While WooCommerce has a forum and a ‘Contact Us’ page, Shopify’s strong reputation for their 24/7 chat, phone and email contact points ensures that store owners can get the help they need anytime.
    • Shopify comes with far more in-built tools, such as abandoned cart recovery, discount codes, and over 100 payment options. Some of these features come at an added cost when opting for WooCommerce.
    • Cost-wise, the all-in-one Shopify solution shapes up to be the more straightforward pricing option as costs will add up with WooCommerce depending on the features you require.
    • Shopify is the ideal, out-of-the-box platform for dropshipping with native support, whereas WooCommerce requires an additional plug-in for this functionality.
    • Currently powering over 800,000 businesses, Shopify is quickly and steadily outperforming its competitors. Most recently, Shopify’s stock saw a sharp spike – clearly becoming one of the most favourable e-Commerce platforms to work on worldwide.

      Need cost details? Read our WooCommerce vs Shopify Ongoing Costs Comparison.

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