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We’ll dig into your E-commerce store and list out stuff that is stopping conversions and hindering your ability to grow and scale.

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    E-commerce Flywheel Audit (™)

    There are many things to get right when it comes to growing an e-commerce store – in fact we’ve identified 300+ different “things” within our Flywheel Framework.

    Don’t fret. All you need to know is what are the top issues to take action on immediately to stop losing sales on your website, and create scale in your business.

    We provide an audit of your e-commerce business based on our E-commerce Flywheel framework (What is a Flywheel Effect?), which covers the 4 key components – Store Experience, Traffic, Sales & Customers – where score 300+ factors across 31 sub-categories.

    With this you will know exactly where are the critical points in your flywheel that are causing a loss in momentum and making it hard for you to grow & scale your business. We then help you put together a detailed implementation plan to address all the problem factors in a prioritized manner so you can get results in as short a time as possible.

    Why you will get a TON of value:

    • This framework is built on our experience working with a range of e-commerce businesses who we’ve helped generate over $1.2B in online sales revenue
    • A “Big Picture” view on your entire ecommerce marketing ecosystem
    • Identify with precision exactly where the break points are in your ecommerce store & marketing
    • Get an action plan so you can start working to get results immediately
    • Don’t waste time & money on projects & work that are performing better than other more important and sometimes overlooked areas

    What’s in the Audit?


    70+ Analysis Points across following sub-sections:

    • Overall Performance
    • SEO
    • FB Ads
    • Google Ads
    • Google Shopping
    • Bing Ads
    • Bing Shopping
    • Analytics
    • Email Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing

    Store Experience

    140+ Analysis Points across following sub-sections:

    • Overall Performance
    • Main Navigation
    • On Site Search
    • Product Range
    • Pricing
    • Trust Indicators
    • Shipping
    • Offers
    • Marketing
    • Product Information Page
    • Home Page
    • Collection/Category Page Support
    • Cart Page
    • Checkout
    • Mobile Experience
    • Site Speed Issues
    • International


    20+ Analysis Points across following sub-sections:

    • Key Sales Metrics
    • Top Selling Lines
    • Device
    • Audience
    • Categories
    • Shipping Rates
    • Channels


    30+ Analysis Points across following sub-sections:

    • Key Customer & Audience Metrics
    • Databases
    • Automation
    • Referral
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Cart Abandonment

    Need help implementing the audit?

    We have a full range of services to help businesses small to large:

    Tech Services

    • Ecommerce migration:
      – Any platform (like Magento or WooCommerce) to Shopify
    • Custom Shopify store development
    • Shopify App Development
    • Business Automation & API Integrations
    • SEO Migration Services
    • Technical SEO
    • Ecomm store SEO
    • Shopify store customization
    • Shopify theme development and customization
    • Shopify store design
    • Shopify Plus configuration and management
    • API integrations
    • Speed optimisation (Faster website also = better user experience = better conversion rate)
    • Ecomm marketing tech stack implementation and management
    • Custom Web & Mobile App Development
    • Custom ASP.NET & PHP Web Development work
    • Business Analysis
    • Business Automation

    Marketing Services

    • E-Commerce Flywheel framework
      E-commerce flywheel Audit
      – We analyse and score 300+ factors across 31 categories
    • SEO Migration Services
    • Technical SEO
    • Ecomm store SEO
    • Facebook ads for e-commerce brands & retailers
    • Google ads for e-commerce brands & retailers
    • CRO (Conversion rate optimization)
    • TikTok Advertising
    • Social Influencer Outreach Programs
    • Social Media Strategy
    • E-mail Marketing Automation (Klaviyo Marketing)
    • E-mail Marketing
    • Landing Pages
    • SMS Marketing
    • Content Writing & Strategy
    • CRM Integration
    • Strategic Consultation

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