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FREE Download: The Ultimate e-Commerce Marketing Calendar 2021 (Australia)

A must-have for E-commerce Brands or Retailers who run regular promotions and understand the importance of a strong sales/promotion strategy to increase conversion rates and introduce new customers to their brand and product ecosystem.

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    Since the coronavirus shifted e-Commerce to the forefront, more customers are now used to shopping online…but competition is super fierce. With just milliseconds of attention to engage your customer, it’s important to do so in a timely, relevant manner. Whether your goal is getting higher open rates, click-through rates, and resulting sales from marketing campaigns, it’s crucial that your brand matters and fostering strong customer engagement towards your promotions is key.

    Right now, every month counts.

    Sure, COVID-19 is still making things super uncertain. But e-Commerce is holding its ground. If you’re about to go into the year with little to no foresight, it’s going to be a struggle for your e-Commerce business to leverage opportunities when the time calls for it and to keep your customers engaged.

    Why we created the Ultimate e-Commerce Marketing Calendar 2021

    We found that advertisers who run regular promotions were encounting the following problems:

    • Tiring out messaging

    • Rushing to set up promotions last-minute

    • Coordinating campaign plans and budgets for each promo

    • High competition during popular sales periods

    • Overly generic events/seasonality that apply to all eComm niches

    How the How the Ultimate e-Commerce Marketing Calendar 2021 will help you:

    • Freshen up your sales messaging
    • Cut through the noise from competitor campaigns
    • Avoid scrambling and haphazard discount planning
    • An easy reference to plan out weeks or months ahead
    • Improve engagement and sales through promoting
    • Discover relevant events that match your e-Commerce niche

    What’s Inside the Ultimate e-Commerce Marketing Calendar 2021:

    • Key dates and events throughout the year 2021
    • Eye-catching highlights relevant that can be used as a handy print out
    • Besides holidays and festivities, key sales seasons are outlined clearly to help grow your online sales (i.e. Wedding Seasons, Music Festivals, End of Financial Year Sales Seasons, etc.
    • Australian public holidays outlined clearly so your sales events can be optimised nationwide. For example, the Launceston Cup (TAS), Canberra Day, Labour Day (distinguished by state), etc.
    While we still don’t know what a post-pandemic reality looks like, using this as a guide to navigate your marketing and sales strategy will set you off on the right start.

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