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    Get your e-commerce set up done correctly at the start and primed for success. Built on the #1 E-commerce platform in the world and designed based on 48,000 hours of User Experience research to ensure you give your customers an optimal shopping experience.


    Ride The Accelerating Growth of E-commerce

    In 2020 global e-commerce grew more than 6X faster than overall retail sales.

    Currently comprises 16.1% of all retail sales, and is projected to hit 23% by 2023 – and this before COVID19 hit the global markets and permanently shifted consumer behaviour. More and more retailers use omni-channel as the standard model of serving customers, even closing non-performing offline stores to focus on profitability through online platforms.

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    Be on the World’s #1 E-Commerce Platform

    With over 1 million Shopify merchants around the world, Shopify has quickly surpassed all competitors to emerge the winner in the e-commerce platform industry.

    Business owners love Shopify. Easy-to-use, and without the headaches of maintenance you’ll get with other platforms. Optimized checkout flow resulting in a higher conversion rate* compared to other platforms. Marketing automation options to easy upsell to customers and nurture repeat purchases. From our experience as an agency working on different platforms over time, we have chosen Shopify to be the best option to meet our client’s needs.

    Source: Little Data – 2.0% Shopify vs 1.7% Magento

    The Metrics That Define Success

    Conversion Rates, Average Order Value, and Customer Lifetime value – just some of the key metrics that determine whether you are going to have a scalable online business or stuck in struggle-town.

    You’ve been on those websites where it was incredibly difficult to navigate to find the products you want. Painfully slow to load each page. Unclear shipping and delivery costs. Not designed for mobile devices so you have to pinch and zoom. Dodgy looking checkout pages make you dubious about sharing your credit card details. As it gets more and more competitive in the market, just having the right product in store is not going to keep your customers shopping with you. Having a fantastic store shopping experience = customer service. Get it right from the start by working with us.

    How do you get customers through your door?

    Just putting up an online store at isn’t going to bring in the money. So what is your plan to get paying customers buying from you?

    Well, we can start with this little statistic – 43% of all e-commerce traffic comes from just one channel, Google’s search engine. You want your stores and product pages to be picked up on Google and start ranking on the first page so that customers can find your store. That is why we build your store for search engines. We strictly follow Google’s guidelines to how your website should be structured and use keyword research to capture popular terms that customers in your market are using to find your products.

    And this is just the set up – we have a range of other ongoing services to help you get your ideal customers to your website. Ask us about our E-commerce Flywheel Model to keep getting you customers on demand and scale out your e-commerce business to success.

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