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Scale Up To 5X Faster By Doing Facebook Ads The Right Way

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    Clients that switch to us get dramatically better results with our Facebook Ads strategies & implementation tactics. Or if you are new, we’ll walk you through running your first ad campaign with minimal risk and high upside for scaling up your business consistently and predictably.

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    “Help! My Facebook Ads Are Not Making Me Money”

    Are your Pay-per-click ads struggling to deliver a positive ROI? Scaling back when you should be scaling up?

    We don’t want this to be you ?. Maybe you have had a bad experience running FB or Google ads, where sales were not converting successfully or hitting ROAS targets. Or you worked with an agency who was just blasting out ads to get “reach” and “clicks” without considering your brand messaging or business goals.

    Facebook Advertising works if done correctly – you’ve heard the success stories. Don’t just throw away your hard earned cash. Let’s make Facebook work for you so you can automate your marketing funnel.

    Don’t be a slave to Facebook’s algorithm

    Speak to a Strategist today about how we can help you with setting your marketing on auto-pilot.

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    New To Digital Marketing?

    It can be scary and confusing. Let’s cut through the noise.

    Grown your business successfully without the help of “digital gurus”? But now, you’re finding it increasingly hard to actively target prospects, or have unqualified and unpredictable inbound leads.

    You think – maybe it’s time to look into what the fuss is all about with online advertising. You want to explore a new way of marketing that can get you leads/sales on auto-pilot, but at the same time, you’re afraid of making a bad decision and wasting all your hard earned time and money on advertising.

    Let us help reduce the risk for you. Get comfortable with online advertising by seeing results from day one. Our Proof Of Concept package is a risk-averse way to dip your feet into online advertising.

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    Can you trust your Facebook Pixel?

    Get the results you want – qualified leads or profitable product revenue streams

    You can’t get the results you want if you’re not measuring them correctly. Facebook Pixel Tracking is notoriously inaccurate – FB might say you made 15 sales when you’ve only gotten 5 in your PayPal account. Get the most technical tracking issues fixed by our senior web team. With our custom dashboard – you can even trace individual leads/orders back to your Facebook campaign. Better data leads to bigger results!

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    Not Just Another Facebook Advertising Agency

    We Help Businesses Start, Scale & Systemise

    Traffic is just one part of our Ecommerce Flywheel Model. Free up your time and boost your business growth with the different services along our Flywheel model. Our principal consultants bring vast experience working with clients from scrappy startups to international brands when you partner with us as an agency.

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    Is your ad account underperforming? It’s time for a review. Get a comprehensive audit on your Facebook Ad accounts unleash profit-making opportunities that gets you your time and money back.

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